Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Royal Tour Brought to You by Newmarket Holidays

Tour some of London's most celebrated palaces and majestic homes on this 2-day coach holiday. These popular tours offer guests a rare look behind the curtains of British influence and power. A tour through Buckingham Palace introduces guests to impressive state rooms, and gives them a peek into the lives of the royal children through the new palace exhibition. A trip to Windsor completes this Newmarket Holidays tour.

Buckingham Palace, London - April 2009 Royal Windsor

A trip to lovely Windsor on Day One finds guests strolling down Windsor's cobbled Church Street, where there is an air of having travelled back in time. The classic buildings in this district have stood for several hundred years, and include the house where Eleanor "Nell" Gwynne, mistress of King Charles II, lived. Guests can take tea at Windsor's famous Market Cross House, one of the city's oldest houses, which leans severely to the right, and just to its left is Britain's shortest street. While there is plenty of time for independent exploration, travellers have the option of going to visit Windsor Castle.

A Day in London

After a relaxing night in a comfortable Windsor hotel, the tour returns to London for an exciting day of sightseeing. Begin with a guided tour of Buckingham Palace, where lavishly furnished State Rooms boast age-old treasures such as paintings, sculptures and furniture from the Royal Collection. A visit to the "Royal Childhood" exhibit depicts palace life for the young members of the royal family. The Garden Café on the West Terrace offers guests a stunning view of the palace's 42-acre lawn, where the Queen holds garden parties and where helicopters bearing important guests arrive. After leaving Buckingham Palace, the group takes a brief sightseeing tour of select royal sites around the city.

Royal Heritage by Newmarket Holidays

For as long as Kings and Queens have ruled in Britain, splendid royal palaces have existed to house them. Many of these are maintained as national treasures and monuments to a fascinating history. Celebrate Britain's royal and aristocratic heritage with a Newmarket Holidays guided coach tour to these historic sites. Details of available tours can be found on the Newmarket Holidays' website, and its friendly and helpful Customer Service Team is available to help book a marvellous holiday.

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